Welcome to my web site. At the moment, you will find just a few documents related to electronics, more exactly in the field of RF.

The documents are arranged a bit random at the moment, I will allocate some time in the near future to put things in order.

Some pages have identical content. This is because it is my intention to separate the article in two pieces (Phase Noise in VFO and Phase Noise in Crystal oscillators). I will do these changes as soon as possible.

I also have more data for mixers, phase noise, etc, but this will happen also in the future.

1. The Operations Headquarters

2. Comparative measurements on Double Balanced Mixers

3. BitX20 Microphone Preamplifier

2. Phase Noise measurements in RF Oscillators

3. RF Filters

4. Experiments with low noise, high power RF Oscillator designed by Linley Gumm, K7HFD

5. RF Overall Gain of BitX40

6. Simple infrared Communications with IR Led + Phototransistor