I thought I will add a few photos from my shed (it is actually our garage, which was transformed in a shed). I got the kind permission of my wife to set the Operations Headquarters in there. Once in a while I get threatened that, because of spending too much time in there, one day I will return home and I will find the place empty… She enjoys giving me nightmares 🙂

You may notice, that despite my interest in RF and Ham Radio, I don’t have any such equipment in it 🙂 You can also notice that I am a messy person. In fact, the table is now in a decent condition, according to my standards…

The power supply is missing the digital meters because of a problem I only found when it was already too late. When powering up or turning off the power supply, it generates some spikes up to the maximum voltage (37V). It took me killing about ten PIC microcontrollers to discover this “feature” of the power supply. It also killed some segments in the voltmeter display. One day I should sort it out…

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